Ashoka x Hilda


This is what I learned this October 2016 when I had the great honor of being invited to the first ever Ashoka ChangemakerXchange in Africa. As a social entrepreneur, I am especially energised when I get the opportunity to engage and exchange with other social entrepreneurs. I find that I am always left so inspired and revitalized by their stories of triumph and resilience. Hearing the different things people have to overcome in their countries in order to affect change further reinforces my belief that we are all inherently here to serve humanity.


Ashoka Africa and Transparency International jointly facilitated the event and they ultimately created a space that fostered innovative ideas and transformative solutions.


The issue that we were tackling was land related corruption in Southern Africa. This is a deeply complex issue with various dynamics across the region. But in the spirit of disruptive innovation we gave it our best shot. As I was representing NamibiaNow; I was particularly intrigued to unearth the role that Media can play in tackling land related corruption in Namibia.


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