Mo Ibrahim Foundation x Hilda

Mo Ibrahim Foundation Residential School


In March 2016 I was invited take part in an annual residential school organised jointly by The Mo Ibrahim Foundation and my alma matar SOAS (School of Oriental and African Studies, Uni of London). The event gathered 12 experts, practitioners, researchers and scholars from across Africa to discuss topics and issues around Good Governance. I was truly in great company and honoured to have been included.

During our four days in Rabat, Morocco our discussions and presentations pushed the boundaries on conventional rhetoric and discourse around good governance in Africa. We unmasked myths which are too often heralded as silver bullets – such as participation. What kind of participation? Is participation just a euphemism for tokenism? These are some of the questions we asked ourselves.

Furthermore, we critiqued the general and ambiguous nature of the term good governance and it’s often disputed and contentious definitions.


It was fruitful and I came away with great friends and new insights from all the corners of the continent.



For more information on the event click here

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