As an independent consultant, I have gained a presence internationally. I have guided The MasterCard Foundation in the optimization and increase of  its direct partnerships with African-led organizations. This was a response to The Foundations commitment to have African-led organizations comprise at least 30 percent of our partnerships across their Programs from the present 23 percent. This has entailed carrying out rigorous evaluation of multiple organisations and methodologies in order to accurately inspect their sustainability and intended impact. Additionally, I have worked with Siemens AG in their pursuit to Come up with a bottom-up approach to electrify areas with no access to electricity. My role was identifying and engaging key stakeholders in the public and private sector in the renewable energy space in Namibia for the development and implementation of a rural electrification project in Namibia.

My adaptability and propensity to apply my skills to multiple projects is a direct result of my entrepreneurial disposition. My entrepreneurial spirit  was first nurtured as a teeneager when my friends and I started a company which would help students study better. Since then, I have been able to formalise and professionalise my entrepreneurial skills in a myriad of ways.

As the co-founder of NamibiaNow and the #NotSoDifferent campaign I catapulted myself onto the centre stage of social innovation. Through my role as the co-founder of NamibiaNow Youth Foundation, a social enterprise aimed at empowering youth in rural communities in Namibia with mobile journalistic skills to bring marginalised stories to the mainstream in the Namibian media landscape, my work has gained a considerable amount of recognition as well as funding. I was honoured to have been invited by Ashoka Africa and Transparency International to successfully present my work to donors and other stakeholders, which led to a sponsorship from Transparency International at the Southern Africa Ashoka ChangemakersXchange in early October 2016.

On the other hand, the #NotSoDifferent campaign is about tolerance, acceptance and diversity. However it’s more than just a campaign, it’s a movement. A movement aimed at mobilising the world towards unity and increased humanity to create a community of global citizens who are committed to collectively spreading positive messages and perceptions about culture and nationality. #NotSoDifferent is currently active in Senegal and Cameroon, however the virtual campaign has had participants from over 50 countries worldwide.

Most recently, as an AU-EU Youth Plug-In Fellow I have directly facilitated new and sustainable ways of building equal partnership between The African Union and European Union by leveraging and refining already existing policies and investment streams.  I was directly involved in the design and development of “CityShapers” a smart city solution leveraging digital applications to leverage the existing city twinning mechanism between African Union and European Union states for youth empowerment. Alongside the  design of The AU-EU Remittance Transfer Platform aiming to improve the governance of the remittance sector. As a Governance and political inclusion expert I liaised with institutions, diplomats, government officials and development practitioners in Abidjan, Addis Ababa and Brussels in order to promote and lobby for the development of these platforms.

Additionally, thanks to my exposure in the private and public sector, I gained a platform to facilitate partnerships between the Namibian Ministry of Labour and Social Services and the Naltech Group, a Namibian owned IT company in the development of a digital employment portal called Namibia@Work. At the core of all my endeavors is the commitment and pursuit of sustainability as it relates to each sector that I tackle.

My commitment and passion in these and other projects led me to a prestigious  recognition as a recipient of the Queen’s Young Leader Award in 2017 and to the opportunity of participating in multiple international programs such as the UNLEASH Innovation Lab. I was one of 1,000 people selected from all over the world to attend the inaugural UNLEASH event in Denmark for nine days. As an SDG Talent I contributed to the creation of real, scalable solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals.


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