Exploring New Frontiers for Sustainability

Thanks to Namibia University of Science and Technology – NUST for inviting me as the Keynote speaker of the 2nd Annual Students’ Research Symposium on Friday. The theme “Re-imagining University Engagement: Exploring New Frontiers for Sustainability” sparked a lot of inspiration for me! I was so happy that the students and faculty shared my energy and willContinue reading “Exploring New Frontiers for Sustainability”

Gender Lens Investing

Today I find myself reflecting on one of my trips to Nairobi, Kenya in my capacity as a Social Innovator advising @Ashoka on ways to integrate young people and marginalised communities into their development efforts. Having a deep appreciation of just hoe much youth empowerment is highly gendered, in my contribution I highlighted the importance ofContinue reading “Gender Lens Investing”

Redefining the Donor-Recipient Relationship Between African and Europe

In the months of October and November I had the great pleasure of being an AU-EU Youth Plug-In fellow. The initiative is the first of it’s kind and it’s unprecedented approach resulted in the constructive and continuous engagement of young people in Europe and Africa. As the 36 fellows from Africa and Europe, we actedContinue reading “Redefining the Donor-Recipient Relationship Between African and Europe”

We Need More Women In STEM

STEM fields (i.e., Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) enable us to find solutions to threats posed by global challenges such as climate change, health epidemics and water waste. Essentially, they are crucial for sustainable development. Despite rising demand for STEM professionals, women are often underrepresented in these fields. Studies show that they only constitute 21% ofContinue reading “We Need More Women In STEM”

“The Point is, we have to rescue this continent” Ibraheem Sanusi

My membership in the African Union Youth Advisory Board Zürich, Saturday 12th August 2017 This past week has been an absolute whirl wind. I’m currently sitting on the plane, on my way to Denmark just digesting this current moment and the events that have brought me to this particular state of clarity, appreciation and renewedContinue reading ““The Point is, we have to rescue this continent” Ibraheem Sanusi”

“It’s not our job to be quiet or pleasant”

UNLEASH LAB 2017 I am happy, proud, ecstatic, overjoyed and honoured to announce that I have been chosen as an UNLEASH SDG Talent for 2017. Today the chairman of UNLEASH Lab, Flemming Besenbacher had this to say: In just 12 days, UNLEASH will kick off in Denmark. We are so excited to welcome our 1,000Continue reading ““It’s not our job to be quiet or pleasant””


  As an independent consultant, I have gained a presence internationally. I have guided The MasterCard Foundation in the optimization and increase of  its direct partnerships with African-led organizations. This was a response to The Foundations commitment to have African-led organizations comprise at least 30 percent of our partnerships across their Programs from the presentContinue reading “AWARD WINNING INNOVATOR”

The World Economic Forum on Africa – Are we moving the needle on major economic and social challenges on the continent?

May 2017 – Durban, South Africa   The World Economic Forum is world renowned institute and network. “The World Economic Forum, committed to improving the state of the world, is the International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation. The Forum engages the foremost political, business and other leaders of society to shape global, regional and industry agendas.”Continue reading “The World Economic Forum on Africa – Are we moving the needle on major economic and social challenges on the continent?”

Africa’s Worst Kept Innovation Secret: Asanti Nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya – the backdrop of an innovation ecosystem which is nothing short of vibrant, energetic and enigmatic. I was invited to take part in Ashoka’s movement to unearth and mobilise young people across Africa who are using social entrepreneurship as tool for constructive change. It was such a joy to get this news, notContinue reading “Africa’s Worst Kept Innovation Secret: Asanti Nairobi”