My Expertise

I aim to contribute to the wave of efforts which are redefining the way sustainable development is implemented in Sub-Saharan Africa – especially, but not only, in the energy and agriculture sectors. I do so by offering my contribution in three main ways:

A Trustful Channel to Southern Africa

Thanks to my deep knowledge of the region, I help organizations to enter the Southern African region, developing meaningful and trustful networks with local public sector, private sector (investor), beneficiaries and end users. By creating a transparent and collaborative space for a typically exclusive process, I ensure sustainable and solid solutions with multi-stakeholder value addition and curtail many of the pitfalls which arise during implementation and scaling.

Resource and Capacity Mobilisation

Leveraging my network and connections, I rally support and funds for the various projects I take part in. With my skills and experience in fundraising and capacity building, I build long-term relationships and partnerships to ensure the financial and managerial sustainability.

Develop Sustainable Solutions, End-to-End

By identifying market needs within Southern Africa, I add value to the network by co-designing solutions with local players, from ideation to implementation. By integrating innovative methods and tools built on human-centred design and design thinking, I create solutions which are dynamic, contextual and marketable.

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