NamibiaNow is a Youth driven media house empowering young people in both urban and rural communities with mobile journalistic skills to diversify the narrative and political discourse in Namibia. I used my social entrepreneurial skills to launch NamibiaNow as the first digital media house in Namibia with a special focus on marginalized communities. This gave me the unique perspective and capability to develop an enterprise from concept to market.




The #NotSoDifferent campaign is about tolerance, acceptance and diversity. However it’s more than just a campaign, it’s a movement. A movement aimed at mobilising the world towards unity and increased humanity to create a community of global citizens who are committed to collectively spreading positive messages and perceptions about culture and nationality. #NotSoDifferent is currently active in Senegal and Cameroon, however the virtual campaign has had participants from over 50 countries worldwide.


Bloom Investments Logo (1)Bloom Investments

Bridging the innovation gap in Africa will require the development of a critical mass of enterprises which are equipped with knowledge, capability and tools to build and scale the solutions which are going to transform the future of African societies. By focusing on renewable energy, e-commerce and agriculture; Bloom Investments is building the future by Investing in the enterprises that will feed, power and connect Africa. We are the springboard for Africa’s leapfrog.

Bloom Investments flagship initiative WeBloom takes a unique closer look at one of the nuances of innovation and enterprise development in sub saharan Africa – women entrepreneurs.


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