Hilda Liswani

Invest in Transformative Innovation Ecosystems

Cultivating movements and ecosystems for inclusive innovation.

HILDA’S story

Namibian born and globally raised, Hilda is a movement builder. She brings a wealth of passion and cultural intimacy to the people, projects and organisations she works with.

Hilda is an Award winning sustainable investments professional. As an independent consultant she has gained over 7 years of experience in business development and public private partnerships. She has worked closely with large organizations such as the European Union, The MasterCard Foundation and Siemens AG in the negotiation, investment and implementation of sustainable investment initiatives. Specifically but not limited to the development and enhancement of entrepreneurship and innovation ecosystems for the purpose of redirecting investments and capital towards, both social impact and financial return in Sub-Saharan Africa.

How I facilitate social transformation..

  • Innovation Ecosystems
  • Sustainable Business Model development
  • Access to women-led sustainable enterprises in Africa

Transformative Social Impact

Innovation Ecosystems

By developing ideation platforms, Hilda enables African communities to develop robust and competitive pipelines of solutions to systems challenges.

Sustainable Business Model Development

Hilda works with investors, foundations and entrepreneurs in developing and implementing business models which ensure social impact and financial sustainability.

Access to women-led enterprises in Africa

Hilda offers a gateway to Gender-lens Investing in Africa through her organisation, WeBloom

Seen and heard…

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